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Located in Grayslake, IL CPS provides high technology products and superior service that include: installing structured cabling, installing and maintaining video surveillance, and access control, fiber optics and documentation to retail operations, schools, manufacturers and government offices to name a few.

CPS leadership enlisted Bee-line to evolve their brand for national recognition as the authority of structured cabling, surveillance and access control systems.  

As part of the evolution we accomplished the following:

Refreshed brand and visual communication system to support compelling content with a new logo, tagline, and messaging framework.

Performed foundational work to explicitly map an inbound marketing strategy.  CPS has a 35 year track record of delivering products and solutions.  We documented the opportunities, the buyer personas, their marketing triggers, relevant keywords, and mapped a content strategy and content calendar.

Mapped the desired sales cycle, and identifying buyer triggers at each level of the sales cycle to ensure we create appropriate messaging and content to continue to drive momentum.

Created new sales materials to facilitate needs throughout the selling process.

Created compelling content derived from the foundational inbound marketing strategy including informational graphics to more easily describe their deep portfolio of products and services.

Used BuzzBeat marketing automation platform to tie it all together.

Has your industry evolved faster than your marketing communications? We are Bee-line. We are up to speed on the latest and greatest solutions to get you back on track, and ahead of your competitors.

Contact us if your business needs a brand refresh

and hard-hitting selling materials. 

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